White House Press Photo / March 23, 2009/ Lawrence Jackson(cc)

Does government work for you?

United States Capitol

Barack Obama told a joint session of Congress that people don’t want to continue the argument about big government or small government. They want smart government and effective government.

What is smart and effective government in 2009? While it’s easy and sometimes fun to demonize government when times are good, we learn in times of crisis the power our government can exercise. Government can keep credit flowing to our nation’s banks. It can create jobs in short periods of time. It builds roads, dams, and clean water systems. Provides avenues to get an education. Government can provide basic needs like food, shelter, energy assistance and bridge loans to the unemployed. It can change the tax code or provide basic research that fosters the growth of new industries. Government can keep existing industries afloat. There are countless other functions.

More Americans have had to ask the government for help during these hard economic times. Join the conversation and tell of your experience whether government has been smart and effective in caring for the needs of its citizens.

Has government been smart?
Has government been effective?

Posted Monday, April 6th, 2009 at 6:36 pm.
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